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Custom Business Process and Software design, development and support for Microsoft SQL Server database and Microsoft Access applications.


Fuel Delivery Dispatching and Scheduling

This is a real time Order Entry, Scheduling and Dispatching system for a large New England commercial fuel oil delivery business. The system database maintains Customer, Site, Tank and Product requirements, provides fuel specific entry forms for entering orders by tank and product. It includes a feature to auto schedule customer deliveries based on a customer profile.

It is integrated to a third-party accounting system which allows orders that do not pass credit rules to be held. The Credit Approval function can then be used by accounting to review and release the orders.

The Scheduling and Dispatching functions allow multiple dispatchers to manage orders in real time. Schedule tasks are displayed on large wide screens which show extensive detail about fuel deliveries to be completed. Rapid access menus let dispatchers drill down in to transaction specific functions and details. Orders are assigned by zone, driver and equipment including the details of which terminal, product and gallons of fuel to load on a tank truck.

Assignments are emailed to drivers multiple times throughout the day as priorities change and the schedule is refined. Dispatchers can easily update status and provide advice to drivers. The system provides daily alerts that are emailed to managers highlighting orders and activity that need special attention.

The system runs on a Microsoft SQL Server database and Microsoft Access at the user desktops. It includes 60 tables and a function to synchronize customer accounting data.


Lab Sample Tracking and Scheduling

Designed and developed a Lab sample Scheduling and Tracking System. This system uses a Microsoft SQL Server database and Access front-end. All customer samples for testing are logged into the system and then a schedule is created for the Lab coordinator to sue in assigning and monitor the flow a sample through the testing steps. Employees can use the system to view their assignments and update their status.


Equipment Certification, Validation and Maintenance System

Designed and developed an Equipment Certification, Validation and Maintenance system to manage all equipment, the required inspection and validation frequencies. The system automatically schedules the work for the next year and assigns task to internal staff or external vendors. As work is completed, the status is updated and the next activity is scheduled.


Manufacturing Productivity Applications

    Engineering Change Document Control and creation of ECO forms in pdf format.
    Customer Part Cross reference database and maintenance forms.
    Client Customer Pricing database and maintenance forms.
    Return Material Authorization forms
    Shipping bar code label printing
    Quality bar code label printing
    Manufacturing Time and Quality Data Collection System with an optional interface to a third-party JobBoss System via a custom web service.


Research Study Aliquot 2-D Barcode Labeling and Tracking System

Project for Harvard School of Public Health included a database and forms in Microsoft Access 2007 to Tracking Patient Samples for a Doctor’s research study. The system involves a form to collect patient id, visit and date and then print ten to thirty 2-D barcodes on Datamax Printers for patient blood, urine and other samples collected during multiple visits to the labs at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). The status of the test are then tracked as samples are moved to HSPH lab, then to a cryo storage or freezers and finally to testing labs around the country.