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The Active Oak Advantage

Active Oak can help you configure/build a business solution that is designed to maximize productivity, leverage business intelligence, expand market reach and provide better service to your clients and business partners. We take pride in designing systems and procedures to streamline transaction flow and help improve reporting.

Process Improvement and Automation

Our comprehensive knowledge of business process improvement and technology solutions enables us to offer our clients complete systems that streamline workflow, eliminate duplicate data entry, and automate routine procedures. Proper system design and implementation will insure a solution that provides the necessary information to manage your business.

Our personal service and support ensures the success of the solution and allows you to enhance your business potential. This makes us the best choice for your strategic consulting partner.

Choosing the Right Partner

Introducing a new system into a business brings with it some challenges. You cannot simply connect all your systems together without working with a partner who understands your processes and can help you improve them. Before you select a system, make sure you select a partner that has a natural synergy with your business. You should be able to rely on your partner to build what you need, not what they think is best.


Small Business Challenges

Competing in today's economy is a challenge for many small businesses. Access to quality information through applications designed specifically for your business enable you to react faster and smarter. Being an agile company - responding quickly to your customer's needs - is the difference between an ordinary business and an extraordinary business.

·         Is your business using a number of separate software packages, creating islands of information resulting in duplicate data entry and disjointed reports?

·         Are you struggling to refine your business processes into one easy to use solution?

·         Do you know whether your business is running efficiently?

·         Do you find yourself wishing your systems did more?

Outgrowing your current system makes all of your business processes more and more difficult to deal with. If you are experiencing these challenges, it may be time for you to upgrade your existing business systems.

Why Invest in a Business System?

Customers that do not get good service usually head to your competitor. And since it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, you need to keep customers happy. Improving the quality of every customer interaction enables you to determine what customers’ need, when they need it, and how it satisfies their business needs. If your current business system does not facilitate quality customer service, maybe it is time to invest in something new.